When you need to travel for a day or a couple of weeks, we offer boarding services for your cat or dog. Pets in the best of health enjoy a fun staycation and for pets who aren't feeling well, recovering from surgery or require more medical attention than a traditional kennel can provide, we offer boarding and daycare for pets that benefit from monitoring and medical assistance. Contact us to reserve your pet's kennel space!

Puppies under 6 months - $25:

Includes frequent potty breaks and exercise.

Dogs over 6 months: 

All canine medical boarding includes food, comfortable bedding, and three outdoor exercise sessions per day in our fenced-in yard. Our yard is equipped with synthetic turf which results in fewer incidences of parasite transmission and grass allergies.

  • 1-20 lbs - $21
  • 21-49 lbs - $23
  • 50-74 lbs - $25
  • 75-99 lbs - $27
  • 100 lbs + - $30

Cats - $21:

Our cat kennels feature climbing levels and a window to let the sunshine in and entertain your cat with a strategically placed bird feeder. Feline boarding includes food, comfortable bedding and lots of loving attention from our dedicated staff.

Daycare - $25 per day:

  • Drop off after 7:30am
  • Pick up by 6:30pm

Additional Fees:

  • Extra 15 minute outdoor playtime session - $15
  • Medications: $4 per day - oral medications, $10 per day - ear or diabetic medications


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