October 10th is Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Unfortunately, approximately 60% of cats and dogs are obese and pet owners are searching for ways to get their pets to a healthy weight. A recent study highlighted the importance of weight management for our pets, showing that on average obese dogs had a lifespan 2 and 1/2 years SHORTER than a dog with a healthy weight.

At each visit our doctors will discuss your pet’s weight. We know these are uncomfortable conversations, but they are important. The top reason we find that our pets are overweight is not the weather and lack of exercise but rather the number of calories they consume. https://petnutritionalliance.org/ is our favorite website that we reference to help determine how many calories your dog or cat needs and we’ll work with you to determine a plan. By discussing your pet’s diet and being honest about treats, we will determine exactly how much you should feed your pet and with time your pet will lose weight.

Getting your pet to a healthy weight will give them more energy and you’ll notice your pet will want to exercise more. You may be surprised that you lose weight along the way as well! Give us a call to discuss your pet’s weight and let’s work together to help them live the longest, healthiest life possible!