Navigating recommendations and protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging and, at times, overwhelming for many of us. As a business owner, I have found some products and companies that have made our curbside service run more smoothly. Many veterinarians in our area have asked for recommendations for how we can better serve our clients, while keeping both clients and our staff safe. Below are a few of the best products and companies I’ve found that we are currently using.



Communication has been imperative, and signs welcoming clients and giving clear instructions have made the curbside service run efficiently. ShoreSign in Chester, Maryland created custom signs for us that have worked very well. Contact:,


Walk-up prescription window

As we remain curbside only for pick-up, running prescriptions out to clients was causing unnecessary phone calls, long wait times, and the need for a custom service rep (CSR) to leave their desk to run outside. By installing a pass thru window, we’ve eliminated these problems. The window was installed where there was already an existing window into our reception area and a sidewalk led directly to the window. The prescriptions are already being stored in this area and there is always a CSR to answer the window. A small overhang should provide adequate protection from rain, but if not, we will also install a small awning over the window. Contact:, exact window:


Dedicated Prescription voicemail

While we are operating curbside, our phone traffic has increased exponentially. The phone wait times have increased, and clients sometimes get frustrated waiting to talk to someone about their pet’s prescriptions. By creating a dedicated voicemail box for prescription requests, our clients are now prompted to select an option to leave a message for a prescription request. Our techs can check the voicemail multiple times a day and fill the prescriptions as they are able to do so.

Phone system: Star2Star Communications,, Contact:


Online Bill Pay

For prescription pick-up and surgeries, where invoices can be prepared in advance, we have found it helpful to prepare invoices and have clients pay via PayPal online. This process speeds up prescription pick-up, as well as surgery discharges. Clients are able to review the charges before they come to the hospital, and they have the opportunity to ask or discuss any questions. It was easy to integrate a PayPal portal through our website, and our clients have found it easy to use. Payments from PayPal are quickly transferred into the business bank accounts within 1-3 days. Our web designer helped add this feature to our website.


Virtual Examinations

In addition to offering telemedicine consults, we have been able to offer our clients the option of interacting with a doctor during the exam via TeleTails Instant consultations. TeleTails has created the technology to provide live video, messaging, and payment capabilities for pet owners to engage with their veterinarians digitally. The virtual consultations have helped our clients who were unable to get to our hospital to have their pets seen. We have also used this option for post operative re-check examinations. TeleTails Instant has been a great way for clients to feel involved with their pet’s examination while they wait in the car. Clients have been very excited about this option, and we have found it to be easy to use.

Info:, Contact:

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