You probably have a first aid kit for your family but do you have one for your pets? Make a first aid kit for your pet! Check out our list and have your kids help put one together. If you’d like us to email you a pet first aid brochure, contact us at and we’ll send it to you. You can also download the pet first aid handout.

First, find a small box to gather supplies in. Have your kids decorate it with photos or your pet or draw pictures of your pets. Include your pet’s names!

Items to include:

Digital thermometer to take your pet’s temperature. In pets we can take their temperature under their arm or rectally. 
Spare leash and Collar
Gauze roll for wrapping wounds or to use as a muzzle if needed
Nonstick bandages
Nonstick tape for wrapping wounds
Hydrogen Peroxide
An old sock which can be placed on a bleeding or injured paw to provide a cover for it

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