Saying goodbye to a pet who has become an important part of your family is a very stressful and emotional event. The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified this loss and the loss of a pet may lead to a profound sadness that you don’t expect. Our doctors and staff know that it is normal to feel overwhelmed with sadness after you have experienced the loss of a pet and we encourage our clients to reach out to the support hotlines available through veterinary colleges.

Virginia Tech/U of MD   540-231-8038

Cornell University    607-218-7457

Tufts University    508-839-7966

We often find that establishing ways you will remember your pet helps you accept that they are not longer with us and may allow you to move on. We encourage you to talk about your pet often and continue to share photos and memories with your family and friends. By sharing your memories, you can remember the happier times you spent with your pet.

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