With a lot of our community self-quarantining along with their families right now, join us for the next two weeks as we share activities for your kids and pets!

We’re kicking this week off with a spa day for your pet! Get your kids involved and teach them about the importance of hygiene for our pets.

  • Tip for bathing your pets: Make sure you’re using a pet shampoo and rinse completely so no residue is left behind which can cause itchy skin.
  • Do you have an older dog or cat? They may not shed their coat as well, so brushing is so important! Go slowly as they are often thinner, more arthritic and may be painful when brushing over their joints.
  • Trimming your pet’s nails is so important. Go slowly and have someone help hold. And have some fun! You can paint your pet’s nails just like you paint your own.

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