Queenstown Veterinary Hospital is partnering with Dr. David Dycus from Nexus Veterinary Bone and Joint Center to offer orthopedic consults and surgeries. Dr. Dycus will be able to perform surgeries for cranial cruciate ligament tears, luxating patellas and fractures. Dr. Dycus will also offer orthopedic consults and perform arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction and arthrodesis. We are excited to offer these services and this will be a great convenience for clients that would have had to travel to the western shore previously.

Dr. David Dycus, a native of north Georgia received his Bachelor’s degree from LaGrange College where he graduated in the top of his class with a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. Dr. Dycus attended Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. During his time at MSU Dr. Dycus not only received multiple scholarships for outstanding academics but also was actively involved with research.